Quality, excellence, and affordability.


Quality, excellence and within budget; recruiting at it's best! Contingency Staffing knows that becoming a
go-to partner requires earning the trust of their clients, and we achieve this by consistently delivering results with integrity.

Contingency Staffing has a successful track record of understanding the needs of our clients. With years of industry experience, you need only give us the basic description of the talent you are looking for and we immediately get to work! Did we mention that we are budget friendly?

Earning the trust of our clients is our ultimate goal! Contingency Staffing has years of experience and knowledge within multiple industries; successfully, and consistently, placing top talent with our clients.

2024 is going to see many companies, across multiple sectors, vying for the best talent. It is not uncommon for top tier candidates to have two or more offers pending. They are in the driver's seat in 2024 and they know it!

We understand that your time is valuable. Let Contingency Staffing do the time consuming work for you and simplify your permanent placement hiring.

COST OF VACANCY IS COSTING YOU! Just like 2023, this year will continue to be a candidate drive market for top tier talent.

Some Not-So-Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Annual Salary
Days to fill
Cost of Vacancy

Hiring a professional recruiting firm like Contingency Staffing, could save you money! A Harvard Business School study found that a person's value of productivity was typically three times their annual salary, depending on the length of vacancy. Example: A position that has been open for 60 days - at an annual salary of $100K - may cost your company $82,000 from your bottom line, due to the cost of vacancy. Contingency Staffing understands that time is money and we take that responsibility seriously.

Our focus is 100% on our client's needs and satisfaction. Contingency Staffing understands that our reputation is only as good as the success and happiness of our valued partners. Your budget is important and our mission is to help you keep your cost of vacancy losses, minimal.

CONTINGENCY STAFFING The recruiting firm that you can trust, for the perfect solution for your staffing needs.